A Short Note On The Party Politics Of Mount Saint Mary 's University

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Adriana Ramirez
Dr. Boutrous
U.S. Party Politics
5 May 2016
Primary Project Paper

2016 Mountlandia Caucus

Leave it in the hands of the college undergrads of Mount Saint Mary’s University, better known as the great state of Mountlandia to vote in the presidential election, and it would be Bernie Sanders and John Kasich earning the highest polls for the Democrats and Republicans, respectively, in the 2016 presidential caucuses. The mock caucus took place in the student lounge on Thursday, April 7 where students, staff, and faculty joined students from U.S. Party Politics playing the role of delegates for a candidate in the current race. Finding out that I would be a delegate for Donald Trump after randomly drawing from a hat both excited
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His comments regarding important issues have often been seen as controversial, and as a result, he has received attacks from the public, other political candidates in the race, and also some of his very own business partners. In regards to the issue of immigration and border security, for instance, he has proposed to deport every illegal immigrant back to their country of origin, build a wall at the border, and temporarily ban Muslims from the United States.
While his campaign has attracted many people, there have also been a great number of people who have expressed their sincere feelings about the likelihood of Donald Trump becoming president and are very concerned because he does not seem to be serious. The majority of his campaign has revolved around popular media sources, which has allowed him to do fairly well without receiving campaign contributions. Shortly after he announced his candidacy, he said the following: "When Mexico sends its people, they 're not sending their best... They 're sending people that have lots of problems, and they 're bringing those problems with them. They 're bringing drugs. They 're bringing crime. They 're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." The media quickly focused its attention on this comment, which caused a lot of controversy and Trump having to
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