A Short Note On The Role Of Aurora Kinase B Essay

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Padmina Shrestha BIO 222 Prof. Bill Thomas 11/03/2014 Kinetochore-microtubule interaction and the role of Aurora kinase B All living organisms are a result of multiple rounds of cell division; new cells can only be formed from pre-existing cells. For the duplication of cells, genetic materials as well as other organelles in a cell have to duplicate in order to pass down the information about how to organize the cells (Alberts, et al., 2008). During S phase of the cell cycle, chromosomes as well as chromatin proteins duplicate (Fig 1). During M phase, spindle fibers are formed, and the duplicated chromosomes arrange themselves in the equatorial region of the cells forming a metaphase plate (Fig 1). Mitotic spindles are the microtubule arrays formed by centrosomes at two opposite poles of the cells (Alberts, et al., 2008). These spindle arrays pull each sister chromatid to the opposite sides of the cells. After this, the whole cell is divided into two through cytokinesis. Cell division is not only affected by the information possessed by the cells, but also by extracellular signals, especially for multicellular organisms as they has to be highly receptive of situations that require more cell division (Alberts, et al., 2008). Segregation of chromosomes to two opposite poles of a cell is an important part of cell division because unequal number of chromosomes on either side can lead to malfunctioning of the daughter cells, which can lead to abnormities such as congenital

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