A Short Note On The Russian 's Theory

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nterpretations: Validity Ms. Russian’s validity profile indicates the possibility of symptom exaggeration. However, Ms. Russian’s high level of reported psychological distress and her endorsement of psychotic experiences could also lead to these validity profile scores. Therefore, it is likely that Ms. Russian’s MMPI-2 results are a valid representation of her personality characteristics, although they should be interpreted with some caution as they may be slightly exaggerated. Anxiety Ms. Russian’s responses indicate that she experiences high levels of anxiety, worry, and agitation. These findings are consistent with her self-reports of general anxiety and excessive worry about schoolwork and household chores, worries that led her to…show more content…
This is consistent with her history of somatic complaints, from fainting (for which neurological causes were ruled out), to intensely uncomfortable premenstrual periods, to recurrent migraines. Additionally, Panic Disorder itself is characterized by an oversensitivity to physiological sensations and an interpretation that those sensations are life-threatening (Hawks, Blumenthal, Feldner, Leen-Feldner & Jones, 2011). Ms. Russian’s reports of experiencing frequent panic attacks lends credence to the hypothesis that she may have an oversensitivity to physiological sensations. Depression Ms. Russian’s responses indicate that she experiences a depressed mood characterized by feelings of unhappiness, apathy, and low self-esteem. This is consistent with her reports of recurring depressive symptoms, beginning with her experience of depression in middle school that primarily manifested as a lack of interest in life. Although she is currently prescribed antidepressant medication, these apathetic and anhedonic feelings continue to be a concern for her. Additionally, she reports sleep disturbances (including hypersomnia and hypersomnia) which are consistent with depressive disorders. Finally, she experiences recurring suicidal ideation and has attempted suicide on one occasion. Unusual Experiences Ms. Russian’s responses indicate that she has
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