A Short Note On The Titan X Graphics Card

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NVIDIA Titan X Graphics Card Nicholas Mosceo 0299831 MIT311 System Configuration II Computer Systems Technology 12/02/2016 Introduction The NVIDIA Titan X belongs to the GeForce 900 Series of graphics cards developed by NVIDIA. It is also placed in the “Enthusiast” category of graphical processing units, which indicates that it is mainly used in very high performance personal computers. Graphics cards in this category are placed there because they offer significantly faster processing capabilities and will generally have more memory. This kind of card appeals to consumers that play video games and want to push their computer to the limit by using the best available graphics in-game. The Titan X’s original microarchitecture was the Maxwell microarchitecture. The first generation of Maxwell GPUs hit the market in February of 2014. Later versions of the Titan X improved on the Maxwell microarchitecture by introducing the Pascal microarchitecture in April of 2016. Although the NVIDIA Titan X is the most powerful graphics card the normal consumer can buy, it has many competitors that it has to worry about. The main reason this is, is because the processing power comes at a hefty price. It has stayed around a constant $1200 since it’s release nine months ago. Specifications Microarchitecture The earliest version of the NVIDIA Titan X used the Maxwell microarchitecture, which is the successor of the
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