A Short Note On The Uses Of Enzymes

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Uses of Enzymes in Industry
Uses of Enzymes in Dairy Products
Enzymes have been used in different processes in our daily lives. From dairy products to medicine and saving lives. They are produced in different parts in of the body and do different jobs. They are elements of life and without them, survival would have been be impossible. If one enzyme in the body stops producing, it would have a huge impact on the whole body and its functioning. One of the functions of enzymes is production of cheese through milk coagulation. It will be explained in more details in this article. You need to add references for this I know it?s obvious that you know it, but still add references ? e.g. lesson notes, textbook, ?
What is milk made of?
I would add an introductory paragraph for this part too ? the title is descriptive, but you would also want to have an introductory paragraph/sentence.
Water (88%)
Lactose (4.5-5.5%) the milk sugar which serves as fuel for the lactic bacteria
Protein (3.5% in cows to over 8% in ewes) primarily the Casein for cheese structure
Fat (3.5-5% in cows up to 9% for ewes) providing flavor, aroma, and texture in cheese
Minerals such as Calcium which form the Casein bonds for cheese
Enzymes such as Lipase and Plasmin which aid in the ripening of cheese
(wallace, jim. (2014,…
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