A Short Note On Toyota Production System ( Stp )

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TPS is based on the 4P’s Toyota production system (STP) is like any other system in the world. It ensures to have the best quality part possible and at the cheapest production rate. Because of this system many companies are trying to enter duce lean production. But these companies are failing because of they are only focusing on tools that help cut cost like 5S and just-in-time. The reason the TPS has been successful is that it is based on four principles that are called the 4P’s. The 4P’s make a triangle with philosophy at the bottom, which is the long-term thinking principle. The next level in the triangle is process, is eliminate the waste principle. The process principle is where most lean companies focus their time on. People and…show more content…
This principle is not just about the company and its employees but is also about the customer. This is when Toyota will identify what values the customer wants in their products. When Toyota knows what values the customer wants it then can start to work on the process. The process principle is where the company eliminate waste from the production line. The reason most company want to only focus on this principle of the 4Ps and not the other ones is because it will give cost and time saving right now. At Toyota they believe if you have the right process you will produce the right results in your product. For this principle lean tools will be used to eliminate waste and make a continuous flow with production. Most Americans company have a hard time witching to one-piece flow and pull systems manufacturing. Because when a problem arises they will have to stop all of production to fix the problem. Toyota see this as a benefit when all of productions is stop because they will have all hands on deck to fixing problem. When all hands are on deck they will correct the problem faster. Also when stopping all of production will keep the work in progress the same throughout the process. Another lean tool that is used to help eliminate waste is standardized work. Standardized work is used to improve the process, this done by cutting out mistakes they could be made from not having standardized work. Also give

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