A Short Note On Toyota Production System ( Stp )

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TPS is based on the 4P’s Toyota production system (STP) is like any other system in the world. It ensures to have the best quality part possible and at the cheapest production rate. Because of this system many companies are trying to enter duce lean production. But these companies are failing because of they are only focusing on tools that help cut cost like 5S and just-in-time. The reason the TPS has been successful is that it is based on four principles that are called the 4P’s. The 4P’s make a triangle with philosophy at the bottom, which is the long-term thinking principle. The next level in the triangle is process, is eliminate the waste principle. The process principle is where most lean companies focus their time on. People and Partners principle is the respect, challenge, and grow them principle. The last principle problem solving is located at the top of the triangle, this is the continuous, improvement and learning principle. It take all four of these principle to see the benefit of the STP. This is how Toyota implement the 4P’s. The philosophy principle is the one most companies that try to implement lean skip over. This is the reason most fail in trying to implement it. Everything you do in life needs a good foundation to start with, that is what philosophy is all about. All companies all worry about is making dollar today. So everything is about short term profit goals and not the long picture. This principle is all about long term goals of the company.…
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