A Short Research Paper On Ludwig Van Beethoven

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A Short Research Paper on LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN

MUS 1030
Walters State Community College
Robbie Poteete, Instructor

APRIL 22, 2016

Although there have been many famous composers over the years, probably none are as well-known as Ludwig van Beethoven. Regardless of one’s particular preference of musical style, almost everyone can quickly recognize Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Ode to Joy, or Symphony 5. Beethoven “was born during the age of the Enlightenment, came to maturity during a period of political and social revolutions, and died as the Romantic era was in full flower” (Benton & DiYanni, 443). He was “regarded as the bridge figure to the Romantic period” (Chiego, 307). Although there has been confusion about the actual date of Beethoven’s birth, it has been widely accepted that his birthday was December 16, 1770, and his date of baptism is December 17, 1770. He was born in Bonn, Germany to a musician father, Johann van Beethoven, who was an alcoholic. His mother was the warm and loving parent named Magdalena Keverich van Beethoven, and Beethoven was very close to her. Even though Johann and Mary had seven children, only three boys survived, and Ludwig was the oldest. Born into the musical profession, and as the eldest child, Ludwig’s father was extremely controlling towards him. Johann saw “signs of talent for the piano” in Beethoven, and “tried to make him a child prodigy like Mozart, but did not succeed” (Knapp, 2016). The family was…

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