A Short Story : A Story?

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From the top of the Gala tree, they spied a mousy girl with nut-brown hair stumbling her way through Mr. Simmons’ apple orchard. She was, as Oscar presumed, walking home from the Olympia Preparatory School up Old Mill Road. Alphonse, Oscar’s brother, suspected she was a loner, given her lack of companions. As the girl approached their treetop hideout, it seemed as if she was magically led through the grassy grove in a series of clumsy zigzags by a silvery, leafless branch with a fat, red band around the bottom. The afternoon sunlight flickered against a pair of tinted lenses covering her eyes as she made her advance towards the tree.

“What on earth are those?” questioned Alphonse. “Shields, of course!” explained his brother. Alphonse continued his interrogation by asking about the “white twig”, and why it swung through the grass, carrying the girl along with it. “That white twig,” Oscar corrected, “is a saber. And it’s probably scouting for enemies to eradicate.” Alphonse felt crackles of electric anxiety radiate through his spine, causing the hairs on all six of his stubby green legs to stand on end. “Indeed, the life of a caterpillar is quite terrifying,” he thought to himself.

The girl finally reached the tree, and after a hearty thwack! of her walking stick, Oscar and Alphonse hit the ground harder than a dozen of eggs dropped on concrete. The girl suddenly cried out as a ruddy Gala apple struck her on the face and sent her dark glasses spinning into the thick grass
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