A Short Story : A Story?

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"No!" Screeched Traviata as she sat up straight sweat beading down her face and panting heavily. With great fear in her eyes, she covered her mouth. "Even after all those years, the possibility that we could've died still scares me." Wiping her face, she pulled the covers off. Hanging her head low as she sat up straight. She slowly got up and slogged towards the bathroom. Turning the faucet on, she brushed her teeth. She splashed her face with water and watched as the water sloshed around in the sink. Somewhat clear minded, she wiped her face and turned off the faucet. Sighing, she she walked out of her bathroom and downstairs. The delicious aroma made her smile in content. Assuming Alexis had been cooking, she called out to her. "Hey Alexis, you up?" Walking down the creaky steps, the sound of the small television got louder. As soon as Traviata saw her, Alexis attacked her with hugs. "Morning, Travi!" Chuckling a bit, Traviata pushed her off. "Hey Alexis." Suspicious, she threw her arm over Traviata's shoulder. "What's up? Why you lookin' so gloomy?" Traviata's face curled up into a smile, but Alexis could see behind her lie. Then it hit her, Traviata was having those dreams again. "Traviata, if it's about those dreams. You can sleep with me, I can wake you up when you have it again!" She encouraged, sympathetically. However, Traviata only shook her head. "Trust me Alexis, I'm alright." A certain smell that
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