A Short Story : A Story?

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“Mom?” I squealed. My mom had went back to her work with the kitchen counter. I got up from my bed and peeked through my bedroom door. My suitcase lied there full with two months worth of clothes. I just sat and laid on my bed for the rest of the night. On the next morning, my mom came to a stop at my door. “Knock, knock, knock.” “Izzy? Are you still in your room? I need you to come out honey your Nana’s on the phone.” My mom had been waken up by the ring of my nana’s call for me. I had got up from my bed, out the door and to the phone. “Hello? Nana? Are you there?” I murmured into the phone. She took a while to respond, but she eventually did. “Hello sweety. So nice to hear your grown up voice. I can’t wait to have you over. It will be a journey for the both of us to explore!” “Yeah nana I can’t wait to see you. See you in New Mexico.” I replied as I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone. As I had hung up the phone and walked back to my room to get dressed I thought, why couldn’t my mom have finished college when she was still young? I wanted to ask my mom that question, but I won’t hear the end of it. Two days pass after the phone call from nana which makes today is the day of my flight. This is going to be the worst two months of my life. “Come on Izzy hurry up and get dressed. You don’t want to miss your flight.” My mom hollered to get me moving. I rolled my eyes and quickly brushed my teeth, got dressed, had breakfast, and got my shoes on. “I’m
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