A Short Story : A Story?

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The grandfather clock struck 9 am. A million bells rang throughout the castle making a great cacophony. Then it went silent. As she walked down the staircase the castle once again echoed with her footsteps. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Her footsteps were like a ticking clock.
As she began to pass the window she stop. It showed where once a beautiful garden was. It belonged to her mother. But when she left Evanescence had her very first taste of power. That morning Evanescence burned the garden. Flames flying from her hands, she made her mother pay for leaving. Now all there was were ashes of the once beautiful garden.
The ashes fueled her with a sense of satisfaction. A wicked smiled came across her face as her brain made a plan. She would bring Jagger back to the palace, then get him to hate their mother also. Tell him how much she missed him. Tell him of the times her mom abused her when he was not home. That is how she will have true revenge on her mother, turn her favorite against her.
She hurried down the rest of the hallway. Stopping in front of her father’s chamber room she heard his cry. Knocking on the door the sobbing stop.
“Evanescence, my child, is that you?” he called out, his voice still weak.
“Yes father. I am ready to leave,” she answered.
“Ok. Your instructions are in the brown sack on the kitchen counter along with necessities.”
“Thank you father. I shall be leaving now.”
“Evanescence one more thing.”
“Be safe.”
“I will always be safe.”
“Good bye my
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