A Short Story : A Story?

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It all started with the pounding. The pounding of an angry horse against a cold, steel stall door. The noise of a horse starved. I slammed my hoof on the door, over and over and over. My owner was late again, and I was mad. I snorted, the harmony of my breath blending with the slight pattering of rain on the roof of the old, rust-coloured barn. “ Hey Dawn, what’s the matter?” My stall neighbor, Blaze, whinned. His voice was muffled, as his muzzle was stuffed with grain. “ My owners are late with my food again!” I complained. “ That’s the third time this month!” “ Bad luck! I’m sorry, Dawn.” neighed my across-row neighbor, Sunny. “Well,” said Blaze. “ Maybe they don’t like the rain.” “ No, that’s not it!” I whinnied. “ See?” I pointed my muzzle across the dirty ground outside. Standing in front of another stall was my owner! “ She is to caught up with that pesky gelding Ringo to feed me!” I ended my sentence with an exasperated whinny, a hint of a whine in my voice. “ Well, then, I can’t help you.” neighed Blaze. “ Sorry!” I hung my head sadly over my stall door, whinnying sadly. My stall friends had dismissed me. Just then, my owner walked in the door. “ Sorry, Dawn! I guess I am a little late. Oh, and by the way, you are now on plain grain. We are giving your champion feed to Ringo now, with twice the apples. We think he needs and deserves it more that you do. I hope you understand!” She set down the grain bucket in my stall, waving her hand in a
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