A Short Story : A Story?

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*Slam*. The door shuts. The room was silent, you could hear a pin drop. Leah left and I heard the car start up. We’ve never gotten in a fight like this. Tears started streaming down my face. The tears started streaming down my face harder and harder by the second. AGHHHHH I screamed. I slowly got up from the table the chair squeaking making the same sound it made when Leah left. WOOSH. I think that was the fastest I’ve EVER turned around. I saw a small shadow. Nobody else was home. but there was still a shadow? I walked around the corner…nothing. I ran upstairs and WOOSH again. I checked my bedroom and Leah’s bedroom. There was nothing in there. Everything went black.
Unknown said “hello, we finally get to meet. How’s your mom? How about your dad… oh yeah he’s dead. Your mom will be soon.
I saw a dark figure walking toward me then a face appeared in the small amount of light…. It was Leah. I said “Leah?!?!? Is that you? Did that person kidnap you? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”
My mind spinning 100 miles an hour. Would Leah really do this? Why me?
Leah said “you hurt me. This was my only choice. Mom killed dad… all because of you.”
I could see flames in her eyes. They were burning bright… as if the fire was just started. I could tell it was only going to get bigger. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t my fault. I heard mumbling from the corner. I turned my head slowly but still looking at Leah. It was someone from Leah’s school. She goes to a public school so it wasn’t
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