A Short Story : A Story?

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‘How about you, Mrs Fum?’ he rustled the bag under the housekeeper’s nose.
‘Oh, well, I don’t know...’ Then she reached inside the bag and popped a toffee in her mouth. After all, a sugary treat during wartime was a rare occurrence indeed.
‘Now sir, I don’t know whether his Lordship will see you. However…’
But, before she said another word, she crumpled to the floor.
And by that time, Clemmie had also passed out.
‘Let’s take them into the front room,’ whispered Doctor Rose.
So they carefully laid Clementine and Mrs Fum onto a sofa. And once that was done, they fed Clog and checked he had a fresh bowl of water. Then they closed the door behind them. No one stopped them as they marched further along the hall towards the back of the house.
Doctor Rose almost choked when he strode into the library. A strong smell of ammonia wafting up from the carpet made his eyes water, and he could tell the stench did not affect the two men seated casually by a roaring fire.
On one side of the fire sat Mr Ellis Jewel.
And on the other side sat Lord Hemlock. Hazy rings of smoke rose from a cigarette clasped in his white and bony hand. He stumbled to his feet and stubbed out the tip in an ashtray. 'How dare you barge in here?' he shouted in a raspy voice. 'I demand …'
‘Shut up, Hemlock!’ said Doctor Rose, dryly.
'You’ll address him as My Lord,' shouted Mr Jewel.
‘He’ll address him any way he likes!’ snarled Alexander. Without warning, he pushed Mr Jewel back in his seat. Then reached inside
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