A Short Story : A Story?

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The closer I seemed to get towards the overpowering entrance the darker the area turned into around me with nothing but stealthy moving shadows and the chilly midnight air. Here I am on top of a ginormous hill surrounded by woods, an antediluvian orphanage, and my two best friends. Looking ahead of me, I observe a towering, brick building, with two columns in front with the shadow of the home looming over us. Why did I let them talk me into this I asked myself over and over again as we approached the abandoned home step by step. I looked at Jess, who is tall, loves adventure and has black hair and said: “Jess, I just don’t think this is a good idea we are going to get into so much trouble if we get caught.” She replied, “Don’t be such a wuss, no one is around for miles who is ever going to know that we did this?” I said, “You know what fine when we die tonight I want you to know it’s all your fault.” Katy my other friend who is short like me has red hair, and also extraordinarily adventurous said: “Guys come on now it’s too late for arguing we are already here all we have to do is walk up the stairs, so let's go and stop wasting time.” From here on, we grasp each other's hand and took the first step onto the first cracked aging stair. We climbed to the top listening to the crunching of the leaves and the fall air whispering in our ears. Jess said, “It’s time.” Jess touched the rusted doorknob and began to turn it. It was unlocked, so she barely cracked it open. Katy,
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