A Short Story : A Story?

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Breaking off into pairs, Mary with Larisharah and Zalminis with Jade, they each approach the various contact sites of their adversaries. Mary and Larisharah fly off to the right side of the city.
Right before they break off, Larisharah shouts over to Mary. “You got that one. I’ll take this one over here. Don’t die or else Selison won’t let me hear the end of it.”
“Good luck to you too,” Mary responds.
Larisharah veers off to her location as Mary drops down onto the street. She runs a few steps before being able to slow to a stop. She cracks her knuckles as she looks down each street of a four-way intersection.
“Kiim,” Mary says under her breath. Holding still a moment she quickly pivots on her right foot and raises her right arm up over her head, blocking a muscular arm as it comes down on her. Holding the block, Mary stares down a very fit man. He is easily seven feet tall and despite looking thin, Mary can feel how solid his muscles are. His jet black hair extends past his shoulder blades. He is wearing a tightfitting, white, long sleeve shirt with bulky black pants. His shoes are thin and bandaged in black bandages. His skin is fair but does contain a red tint to it.
After a pause where the two adversaries assess one another, Mary pushes her arm up and thrusts her left fist forward but the man hops backwards to dodge it. Without waiting for introductions, Mary rushes the man and goes for his gut but he bats the strike away. He thrusts his palm at Mary’s face. She ducks
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