A Short Story : A Story?

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It had been little over a week since they arrived at what remained of the ark. Though Raven couldn’t really be sure how long they had been in the sky, she was keeping track of the days, not the way she should have been. She was preoccupied working on what need to be fixed. There was no way in hell she was going to let this fail, not after everything they had been through, not after Clarke sacrificed herself to make sure they got here. Taking in a deep breath she glanced out the window catching site of the earth a frown formed on her parted lips. She still couldn’t believe what happened, it didn’t seem like that long ago she crash landed on the earth, it was so green now it was in flames. With a shake of the head she turned her gaze from the plant, there was no time for sitting around doing nothing. She had to much to do to day to just sit around and do nothing. She wished she had more hours to get everything done, or at least more people to help out with what need to be done.

She wasn’t going to complain though, it wasn’t like her to do something like that. Sure she would bitch and push people but complaining was something she wasn’t good at doing. She dropped her hand down and rubbed at her hip, it was one of the reasons she never let on that her leg hurt nearly all the time. She just worked through the pain. Uttering out a sigh she removed her hand from her hip. Extending her hand out she pressed a button on the pad next to the door. It took her several times pushing it
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