A Short Story : A Story?

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Pick up the pencils Jeremy!" Mrs. Martin sneered, "pick them up right now!" Enveloped in a blanket of space and darkness, Jeremy could hear nothing but the small voices inside of him, and he had no idea that his teacher was trying to speak. Unaware of everyone's presence in the room, Jeremy continued to stare at the ground and mutter to himself. Finally, Mrs. Martin lightly grabbed onto his shoulders and shook him gently. As if waking up from a bad dream, Jeremy jerked from side to side, reaching for anything that would protect him. He was finally aware that every student in the room was watching him, even the one's who were unable to understand the ongoing situation. It was kind of pathetic, that he was that out of place. Jeremy was in a special education class, and what had happened, was that he purposefully, or at least it seemed like, threw the teacher's pencil cup off of her desk. How embarrassing. His actions were still being controlled by things that didn't exist, and it made him feel like he was a total outcast, but, that's because he was.


"I can't believe that just happened," Jeremy thought, as he was walking to the cafeteria, "why can't I just be normal?" As he was walking, a girl named Jessica, and her many popular friends made their ways down the hallway as well. Jeremy had a crush on her, or at least whatever he thought he was
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