A Short Story : A Story?

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Boom! “Chewie run!” ,Hold on you are probably wondering what is happening or what is going on well let me tell you. This all started about 3 years ago in plano Texas I was two days from moving so ,i was so excited but also the problem with me at the time was that I hate my family i thought they only cared about my siblings and so I mainly stayed in my room. I was walking home and then I saw a white schnauzer in the grass and he looked like h hadn’t eaten in two days so I tried waking him up but then. He woke up and bit me and then I tried to calm him down and I was successful then he trusted me so I brought him home. I walked then he ran in and found my room but when I walked in my mom her me so she exclaimed, “ Ethan how was school?” “It was good mom,” I said angrily. My mom said to my dad, “we need to talk to him and tell him that we do care about him and not just his siblings.” “agreed.” Now let's get back to me upstairs. So I asked myself ,outloud why was he out there then he heard some how he answered “I escaped S.O.P.E” “What did you just say?” “You heard me.” Then the next day he told me everything.

Then I heard my parents coming upstairs I told him to hide in the closet then.
My parents walked in they saw him my mom jumped and said, “why is there a dog in your room!” I found him in the grass and he can talk and he said he hadn’t eaten in a week you guys probably wouldn’t understand” “actually I do i found a dog in a bush when I was just your age but my parents

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