A Short Story : A Story?

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“... a miracle that she was found when she was. The symptoms from the smoke inhalation should clear up within a few days.”
I groggily opened my eyes to a woman in a lab coat standing in the doorway, speaking with someone who’s face I could not see. I tried to sit up, but all I felt was a distant pain. I laid back down. My chest felt like it was closing in, and a weight was sitting on my throat. My knee was covered in gauze and an assortment of other bandages. A taped cotton ball covered up a bruise on my left wrist, with a white bracelet on the other.
I took in my surroundings: a pale blue curtain, half opened around the bed, a chair, and a small window, indicating it was morning from the sun peaking through into the room. I couldn’t remember what had happened that brought me here, but everything before that was crystal clear.
It was just like any other start-of-summer vacation for our family. It had become a tradition for my family and I to go to Jasper for the Canada Day weekend. “C’mon Jessica let’s go! The van is already packed!” I called out.
All of a sudden, my younger sister appeared with an armful of stuff, rushing down the stairs. My older siblings, Levi and Jen, had to stay home as they had to work. It felt unusual leaving them behind, as this was the first time we had gone camping without the whole family.
Although the drive to Jasper is about four hours, time flew by as we all sang, slept, and snacked our way there. The busy city faded as the mountains
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