A Short Story : A Story?

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into her. Capri popped the cork off the champagne bottle, and it ‘accidentally’ sprayed down over her front. The bubbly wine shot all over her, white and frothy. “Oh damn!” Capri blurted out, “I’m sorry about that. Let me take your top off and hang it out to dry.” “Certainly,” she said. “I have a T-shirt I can loan you until your top is dry.” Capri told her. They hungrily tugged at each other’s clothing to get undressed. Tamika reached for his pants zipper and started to undo his pants. Capri threw her top across the room; just then his manhood sprang into Tamika’s soft hands. Their warm nude bodies bumped up to each other tightly. Capri forgot all about the champagne. He began to lick the contour of her succulent boob; taking her harden nipple into his mouth, he sucked it until Tamika groaned in ecstasy. Tamika slid down his body until her lips met his throbbing manhood. She backed off, and in a voice as hot as a tropical night’s breeze, she said, “How’d you want it tonight, baby?” “Saying a little hello to my best friend won’t hurt at all.” Capri smiled. “Okay.” She stroked it with a feather-touch, and then took him deep into her throat. She took it out of her mouth and looked up at Capri once more. “Feels good, daddy?” “Yeah, baby, it feels good.” He said softly. Taking him into her warm mouth once more, she ran her tongue around its head, and bathed its full length in soft, wet kisses. “Do you want it way deep down my throat again, daddy?” she
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