A Short Story : A Story?

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Sarah Montgomery sat on the small ledge by the window seat, watching longingly as happy children walked home from school. Murphy was on her lap, whom she was petting gently. Sarah took one last glance out the window before heading downstairs, with Murphy following at her heels. When Sarah saw her plump, wrinkled grandmother humming to herself and rocking in an old chair, Sarah couldn’t help but smile. But, when she turned her head, she was shocked to see another woman, who looked somewhat familiar, sitting in the lounge chair, sipping tea. Sarah’s grandmother waltzed over to her and said, “Oh, sorry dearie, I meant to tell you earlier. I would like you to meet my daughter, Raquel.” Sarah waved shyly at the stranger, confused by the whole situation. She had a million questions in her head, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to explain her thoughts. Raquel stood up with her shoulders pressed back and her head held high. Sarah immediately took a liking to her. “I have come to tell you something important Sarah, now listen.” said Raquel sternly. “You have magic in your blood, trust me. Your father was magical and died trying to save the wondrous world, Sanleevia. Questions?” Before Sarah even had a chance to respond, not that she would if she did, Raquel continued. “You are to complete the journey your father started, since you have the same magical blood. You will cross the Barrier Forests on the Noname river. Only people with magic in their blood can cross the border.
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