A Short Story : A Story?

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Stumbling into the house, knocking over an antique lamp and broke it, before falling onto the sofa sobbing. Screaming, “Mother, Mother, who could do this to you? How am I going to live without you?”
Unable to shed any more tears, wiping her eyes Marlene called her husband. When he answered the phone, dropping the phone on the floor, Marlene said, “Jerry, someone murdered Mother, she’s dead. Who would kill her?”
Trying in vain to hear what she was saying, Jerry finally gave up, and said, “I’ll be home shortly.”
On the way home, Jerry wondered if Marlene was drunk again, he thought I’m sure I didn’t hear her correctly. Katherine can’t be dead. Driving into the garage, Jerry rushed into the house and found Marlene sitting in the darkness weeping. After opening the curtains, he hugged her as tears poured down her face, he asked, “What did you say about Katherine?”
He knew he had heard her correctly, when she screamed, “Someone murdered my mother last night.” “Do they know who did it?” Jerry asked.
“They smashed her head with a statue,” Marlene shouted and wept.
Since he didn’t smell alcohol on her breath, he knew she wasn’t drinking. Stumbling around the room in shock, shaking her fist, Marlene kept asking, “Why would anyone murder her? Jerry, my mother’s dead,” she said, as he comforted her.
Clutching his fist angrily, Jerry said, “I was afraid this would happen. Katherine wouldn’t listen when I told her to lock the doors and set the alarm before going to bed.” Going
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