A Short Story : A Story?

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Madeline wriggled, trying to create some space between herself and the evil looking claws that La Panthère held to her throat. “Squirm all you want to little bird,” La Panthère chuckled darkly, inching the cold steel closer to her jugular. “It won’t do you any good this time.” Squeezing her eyes shut, Madeline jerked her head back hard against La Panthère’s. It cracked loudly against his nose, sending blood gushing into her hair and making Madeline see stars. She twisted, breaking his grip and darting out the doors into the courtyard. She heard an angry growl behind her but didn’t turn to look. La Panthère was still way too close for comfort. “Duusu!” she cried, opening her purse. “Help!” But to her horror, Duusu was gone. Madeline shrieked in pain as a loud ripping sound filled the night. La Panthère had managed to get ahold of her by the back of her dress, shredding the delicate fabric and cutting the skin of her back. She fell forward as La Panthère pounced. “Looking for something?” he gloated, holding up her kwami in his clenched fist. “Not a very good hiding place darling.” Madeline gasped, fighting down a scream as La Panthère ground his heel into her back. Little black spots raced across her vision for a moment before the weight was suddenly lifted. “Leave her alone!” Gabriel’s voice was more menacing than Madeline had ever heard it, sending a chill racing up her spine. She rolled over onto her back with a groan, touching the place where La Panthère’s claws
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