A Short Story : A Story?

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“Have you ever thought about using a gun?” McCree asked as they sat on the deck. Gabriel sat on top of a storage container watching the two as they practiced. Genji had his full gear on as he watched Jesse spinning his peacemaker on his finger. He wanted to throw a shuriken and knock it off him, but he knew how well that would go over.
They were supposed to be docking that afternoon and he was nervous beyond all reason. His fingers drummed against his leg as the thought. He had thirty six hours to get rid of yet, how was he going to do that.
“Sparrow, you listening?” Genji snapped out of his thoughts at his nickname.
“What? Oh… Sorry. I was thinking.”
“You alright, you were like that yesterday as well.” Reyes stated as he cocked his head looking at the ninja.
“Yah.” Jesse said as Genji crossed his arms.
“Just have a lot going on.”
“What’s going on that’s botherin you so much.” McCree said as he leaned against a container.
“I…” Genji froze. “I’m heading to Hanamura.” Gabriel coughed from the water he was drinking. Jesse dropped his gun to the ground as he attempted to catch it. A loud bang and the bullet barely skimmed Genji’s foot.
“You’re going back. Why?” Reyes blurted.
“I need to see my brother.” Gabriel fell silent as he slipped down from the container.
“Well this got interesting.” Jesse stated.
“How so?” Genji asked a bit confused.
“It looks like you two are headin to the same place.” Jesse said. Genji looked up at Reyes and ked his head giving off
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