A Short Story : A Story?

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It was a dreary winter night in Oceana, West Virginia. Tucked away, warmly, was a man by the name of Michael. You see, Michael was a fairly brave individual that was very rarely frightened. He was sort of a leader to his peers and those around him by showing his courage and virtue. As he lay tucked away in his comfortable bed, he heard the strange sound of footsteps in the snow outside. Dismissing it as possibly an animal or the wind, he paid no attention to it and went back to watching his television show. It was only after hearing it once more that he grew immensely curious and decided to check it out. At first, he opened his window and peered outside where he heard the strange sound from but saw that the ground was completely undisturbed. Given the fact that it was negative five degrees outside and in the middle of a two-week long snowstorm, he did not notice any sign that someone or something was outside. Once more he dismissed the sounds, closed his window, and covered back up in his warm bed. Sometime later that night while Michael was on the verge of dozing off to the sounds of the snow falling and the television playing, he heard the footsteps again. At first, Michael did not realize what he was hearing. Only this time it was not just footsteps. There was the faint sound of a feminine child-like voice calling his name from below his window. This startled him at first because there were at least twenty inches of snow outside and the temperature had dropped to
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