A Short Story : A Story?

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It was a perfect day to be outside. No breeze to blow clouds in front of the sun that was making my brother and I faces bead with sweat as we hopped out of his SUV. The drive through the gravel backroads was harsh. We were bouncing everywhere because he needed to replace his shocks on his red 4 runner.
“This is the place?” I looked around at all the dead grass and juniper trees.
“We have to hike a few miles to get to the falls then we will jump off there.” Ezra, my almost 18 year old brother said.
I looked down at my flip flops and noticed all the sand around me.
I leaned up against a sigh that was about as tall as me that said “Steel Head Falls”
“Great. Walking in sand with flip flops.” I mocked.

After an hour or so of hiking up hill I hopped from one foot to the other so the hot sand wouldn’t burn both of my feet, as I shook my flip flops to get the sand out.
“How far down is that?” I asked more worried than I wanted.
“About 30 feet” A boy about my brothers age said to my right.
“Great huh!” Ezra called as he was laying a Superman towel down in the sun so he could take off his shoes.
The teenager that told me how high the cliffs were yelped with joy and jumped off the cliff. I could even bring myself to look over the edge better yet jump off it.

“You want me to jump off here?” I laughed “That’s not going to happen, 30 feet is taller than an overpass!” I stared at Ezra expecting him to call me a wuss.
“It’s not that high. It just looks high. I have done this so
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