A Short Story : A Story?

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Skkkkkrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!! The coffee pot screamed with morning glee as Jacob continued brushing his teeth at a gradually growing pace. His eyelids drooped with no intention of returning to their previous state he was once in at his youth. Jacob, spitting out some pasty foam with a repetition of rinses, heard the coffee pot squeal with frustration. He was reminded Jacob once more of its overdue pour.
“Alright, alright, no need to fret. I’m on my way,” Jacob said, whilst wiping away as his freshly washed face. He tossed his towel over his shoulder and shook his head, walking towards the kitchen. “You know, you never caused such a ruckus with Elaine,” he said as he soothed the coffee pots arm with his now cool towel. He carefully removed it from the stove over to the wooden cutting board beside the sink. “Easy, easy. I just need a container to drink from. Mind if I use yours darling?” Jacob asked rummaging through the cabinets above the sink, until he saw it: a white mug. He reached towards the back of the cabinet, standing on his tiptoes. Grabbing at its chipped handle, he brought down the mug. He looked at it cupped in his hands, admiring the chipped décor of flowers on the front and glancing inside to see the stains of coffee left behind by the surplus uses.
“Darling,” he called over to his bedroom. “I’m cupping a cup. Oh the irony! Or is it coincidence, humor nonetheless.” Jacob sipped his well-made coffee, grateful to the pot till he could drink it with ease whilst
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