A Short Story : A Story?

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Darkness envelops me with the sound of a slamming trunk. The engine starts, and I wonder if my luck will be any different.
I never have that kind of luck. Who am I kidding?
I fall asleep to the sound of the shovel beside me tapping the wall by my head. Waking up to the sound of wind blowing over my head and a sharp pain in my side. A sharp rock stabs my gut and dirt gets in my eye as I sit up.
Where am I?
I’m alive, that’s all I can say. Any clue to where I could be is hidden by the stone walls that surround me. The gray concrete hiding any roads or the buildings that would otherwise be visible. The sun is shining and a lone cloud floats in the blue skies.
At least she was honest with me. She has always trusted me…it should be no surprise she would keep her promise.
Standing up takes more effort than I expected, but I manage. Leaning on a wall to balance myself, I watch the skies for a sign of life. A bird or plane to fly overhead, a butterfly or lizard to sit on the wall. The roar of a car engine to surprise my vigil. It never comes, and I’m soon bored.
There must be some way to get out of here. She wouldn’t just leave me here to die.
I check my pocket in case she left me a phone. Of course not. But there is a piece of paper in a back pocket. A black necktie that she writes on in a small, neat cursive, “I know you’ll figure out how to dig yourself out!” and attached a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill to the other side.
Why am I not surprised? But what does she expect
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