A Short Story : A Story Of A Story

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It was a summer day in July, the sun was shining bright and you could see the heat waves in the air. My friends Caleb, Javon, and I were heading to the mall. We were there for five minutes when we heard someone yell “Stop!” We turned and saw it was an officer, before we knew it we were all running. Caleb was in front with me and Javon trailing. I turned to look back at the officer he was overweight and his white uniform was already sticking to his body due to him sweating. We turned a corner and went inside a bathroom. We all looked at each other and started laughing. “Why’d you run?” I asked Caleb
“I don’t know.” Caleb said we then left the bathroom and were going to leave but Javon wanted to buy shoes from Footlocker first. I thought to myself we should leave but we went anyway. Javon bought his shoes and once we left the store the officer who chased us earlier was with two other officers. The new officers weren’t overweight like the first one. One was tall and lean the other was short and muscular. They saw us and we were off again. While we were running I yelled out “We should split up and meet back up where we parked.” They agreed and we went our different ways. The tall officer was chasing me as I ran outside. He was slower than me so I put some distance between us. I ducked under a car while I saw the officer run by after about five minutes I saw the officer go back inside the mall. I made my way to the car and Caleb and Javon weren’t there. I sat in the car for ten
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