A Short Story : A Story Of A Story?

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Once upon a time there was an old and scary town with only a few people living there. One of those few people was a beautiful girl named Katherine. The town was ruled by an evil prince named David. He had an assistant named Sam, who was very young and only had that job because his parents abandoned him. Everyone who lived in the town feared David, so they stayed in their house. But Katherine was very lonely because her kids were at school and her husband died, so she liked to go out and explore. One day Katherine was out buying bread for her daughters , but she did not have enough money for a loaf. She made a plan to go back at midnight and steal some, but pay it back once she gets enough. She went out at midnight and was about to grab the bread but a one of the prince’s guards came out and grabbed her by the hand, to take her to the prince. It took twenty minutes to get to the castle and Katherine was more worried than ever. She could not stop thinking about what her daughters were going to say! The prince thought that her punishment should be three years in prison. But Katherine was not happy with that. She argued for an hour, which was a mistake because now she was scheduled for execution the next morning. Katherine was brought down to the dungeon and was really scared for everything that was coming. It had been an hour and she knew that she was going to not going to be able to sleep. Another hour passed and she kept hearing this weird stomping sound that was getting
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