A Short Story : A Story Of New Life

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L U C Y "I'm home!" I yelled as I walked through the door. I smelled something good. "Hi Lucy!" Michelle yelled from the kitchen. I smiled and went into the kitchen. "Lucy... We have to talk.."Michelle said. "I have great news. We are moving today. I already packed your stuff." I froze. OH MY MAVIS!! DID SHE JUST SAY WE'RE MOVING?! "D-d-did y-you j-j-just say t-that w-we're m-m-moving?!" I exclaimed. She nodded. I squealed and hugged her tightly. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" She laughed at me. I just ran up stairs and laid on my bed thinking. New town means new life. I can get a fresh start. I don't wanna be know as Lucky Lucy Heartfilia the daughter of Jude Heartfila. I don't wanna be used again. I am so sick and tired of the bullying ever since that happened. I frowned. Tears filled my eyes. Dammit! I promised myself that I would be over what happened. I guess there is not cure for a broken heart. ~~~ We finally arrived at our house. We are in a town called Magnolia. I smiled. This is it. I can finally have a new start in life! I can't wait! I looked at our two-story house. I looked at the house next to us and saw a pink haired guy with nothing, but pants and a scarf. My eyes widened. OH MY MAVIS! WHAT IS HE WEARING. I blushed. No, Lucy. Don't blush. You are supposed to be a new person remember. You can't show any weakness. He turned and caught me staring at him. He smirked and jogged towards me. "Like what you see Blondie?" He said
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