A Short Story : A Story Of The Cat?

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One pretty cloudy day, in the plain gray apartment build in New York City, on floor 10, apartment 17, a cat lived there. On this day, his owner came home with a “Surprise”. The cat, named Skittle, because of his striking orange eyes, did not feel very happy, as this kitten arrived. Skittle could tell she could not be possibly friendly nor nice, as she would be slowly but surely take away the owner’s attention away from Skittle. This kitten, named M&M, would take his food, play with his toys, and tease him. Skittle would not let her do this. One day, M&M did not act as bold or confident, as she disappeared to the vet. Of course, before leaving, Skittle wished he could talk to Sam, his owner and say goodbye, but to him, not all dreams come true. As usual, Sam forgot to close the window, and also as usual the cat would love to sit out on the metal fire escape, and listen to the chimes of the car horns, smell of fresh pizza on the corner of the street, and watch closely on the pigeons in the alley way. But today, he dashed down the fire escape, into the alley to try and find a place to rest. After a rest behind the garbage, he found that it was nighttime now. Skittle could not find the fire escape, or the window! So, he went dashing down the alley, car horns blaring not twenty-two feet away. After a while of running, he noticed the buildings got shorter and shorter. It turned morning, with fresh dew on the grass. Then, out nowhere, somebody picked him up. Luckily, it didn’t
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