A Short Story : A Story?

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“Giuliana and Gabriella? Come upstairs please, we have to talk to you!” my parents shouted from their room. My best friend Crystal and I were preparing my house for my sister Ava’s fourth birthday. When my mom called my sister and I upstairs, we immediately went up to see what was wrong. As we walked into our parent’s room, my mom suddenly had a stern look on her face. As I sat down in front of them, I immediately knew what was happening. After a few minutes of hesitation, my mom finally said, “Girls. Your dad and I have to tell you something. Your dad received a promotion in Texas, so, we’re moving there!” I felt a single teardrop fall onto my hand.
At that moment, my heart shattered into a thousand little pieces. The words my mom spoke were too cumbersome to handle. Running until I made it into my room, I dropped to the ground, crying quietly. My dad knocked on my bedroom door. I had no intentions of speaking to anyone, but he came in regardless. “Gabby? Are you alright?” “No, I’m not! I won’t leave, what about all of my friends and family?” I aggressively shouted, starting to tear up. “I’m not leaving everyone I love, not now, I can’t.” He came into my room with a concerned look washed over his face.
Moreover, I wasn’t interested in what my dad was saying. The more he talked about it, the more depressed I had become. When my dad finally left, I went to the bathroom to touch up my swollen eyes and messy hair. Walking downstairs I noticed my best friend, Crystal, crying, so
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