A Short Story : A Story?

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“Fight! Fight! Fight!” the chant was in the air as the opponents were facing each other in the human ring. Edward and Gary were circling each other. They stomped on the floor with all their might. Spires of rock shot from the ground and sent Edward flying towards the wall. All the eyes turned to face Gary as he stared at what he had done. He ran as fast as he could to his house and burst in and ran to the couch. Gary is a thick shouldered, brawny, twelve year old boy that gets into a lot of fights. Julien is a soccer kid in Gary’s grade that gets exceptional grades. Jason is a kid in Julien and Gary’s grade that has his mind elsewhere all the time. Al is a twelve year old in Gary, Jason and Julien's class that has a terrible temper, and bullies little kids for lunch money which he shares with the others, which they turn down. When Gary’s friends arrived, they burst into discussion and stressed out. Al’s head burst into flame as he stressed. The heat from Al’s head made everyone sweat, especially Julien and he dumped water on his head. His legs turned to a fish tail and he fell. The sound of the fall broke Jason from his meditation and he saw the craziness and jumped off the couch he was on. He grew wings. “Let's make a show, “suggested Al. “No! If we do, they will drag us to a lab and test us ‘til we die,” said Jason. “No!” said Julien “If you do exclude me don’t even mention me, let me be erased from your memory,”
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