A Short Story : A Story?

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“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” The shrill noise of the alarm clock jolts me awake, and I sit up groggily - to realize that it is not an alarm clock. I’m in a dark, damp room that looks nothing like my own. A tiny, dirty window lets in a ray of light. A machine attached to the wall flashes a little red light in time to the deafening beeps. I start to panic. Where am I? What happened? Was I kidnapped? I try to think of where I was last, but all I can remember is getting into my peaceful bed at- The door bursts open, and I jump backwards. The machine on the wall stops beeping. Two people walk in, a college-aged girl and a younger boy, wearing what look like mismatched pajamas. I look down. I’m in my pajamas as well. “Where am I? I ask quietly. The girl’s face sinks. “We were hoping you could answer that for us,” one of them, the girl, explains. “I just appeared here this morning.” They gesture to their clothing. “I’m in the same pajamas I was in last night, but I don’t remember anything. I’ve been looking for people this morning. I’ve only found him so far,” she says, motioning to the boy. “I’m Tyler,” the boy adds, as if trying not to be forgotten. “Nice to meet you, Tyler. I’m Clara.” I say, smiling. I turn to the girl. “And you are?” “Rachel.” We stand in silence momentarily before she continues. “So, um, would you come help us find more people?” “Sure,” I say, not sure what to do but sure that she will direct. We leave the room and enter a tall, spacious, old-looking room
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