A Short Story : A Story?

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Once Reborn entered the Police Station he was met with a man he had come to familiarize with through a phone, Police Sergeant Rin Matsuoka. You see, on the way over he pulled a few strings that would allow Kimura to be freed without charge. As an added bonus, it wouldn't be put on his record. The things he does for strangers. "Are you the man who called us earlier?" "Yes." The Sergeant was obviously trying not to show how displeased he was in front of him because of the way things were going in Reborn's favor. This made Reborn smirk a bit smugly which happened to only fuel the other man's frustration. Through gritted teeth he said, "Wait here for a moment and Kimura-san will be right over." Matsuoka then stormed out of the waiting room, or lobby which ever you prefer, to retrieve the boy. Chuckling softly, Reborn walked over to the corner closest to the door and leaned against the wall with one leg crossed over the other. 'Wonder how the boy is now; both in personality and looks.' After a couple of minutes, Reborn heard a pair of voices coming from the other side of the door that a certain officer had angrily left through earlier on. Despite the conversation being slightly muffled didn't stop Reborn from picking up a couple of things they were saying. 'Seems Kimura enjoys messing with people and is comfortable around Matsuoka to a degree. Strange, but not surprising in the least since Matsuoka is in charge of any cases having to do with Kimura.' Hearing the sound of the door
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