A Short Story : A Story?

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The sun was high in the sky, gleaming down on us. The air was breezy, but not cold. The day was ordinary, or so it seemed. But what was out of place? That would be my brother, the only person who could possibly get himself into such a situation, with his impossible ability to almost die, but just miss the mark. As he sat there on the ground with his back to us, legs sprawled out in front of him, we didn’t even realize that there was anything wrong. Hold on a second. Let’s rewind this just a little.
Our day started with the sun, as it did everyday that summer. During Alaska's summers, the sun doesn’t sleep. Well, not very much anyway. The sun went down at three AM and came back up around five in the morning. We almost never saw the dark, throughout that entire 3 month period. My little sister always refused to go to bed. “It’s not nighttime yet!” she would say. In her mind, it was only nighttime when it was dark. She was usually the mischievous one, and that often got her into trouble. Although this time, it wasn’t her that got sucked into a bad situation. It was my brother Jake. And in all fairness, it was partly my fault.
We always went to the little park nextdoor to our house. It wasn’t magnificent. It was small, with a three-swing swing set and monkey bars fit for only a toddler or a very small child. But despite that, we loved it. That park was like our hang out, usually empty except for us and the occasional neighborhood regular or two. So this morning, we did just
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