A Short Story : A Story?

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Monday, 11:09 am I can’t remember the last time I was at a funeral. Mom goes off to find Mrs. Matthews, and I enter the chapel. His coffin looks too large; he’s only a child. I jump when something touches my back. I turn and see Aiden, looking nice in his suit. Why is he wearing a suit? Why is David? This is all wrong. “Glad to see you aren’t running,” David says. Aiden’s hand is still on my back, and it gives me the support I realize now I needed. “You run?” Aiden asks, and I can hear his attempt to be lighthearted. I shrug. “I started when I moved back, after school,” I answer. I glance up as the doors open and people begin to enter. Most of Lake Hill must be here. “Even though I can’t imagine living anywhere else, sometimes the town feels too small, too…underwhelming.” “I always felt the same way.” “I know,” I look at Aiden. “You said it.” People start moving past us to get to their seats. The church always looked so large, but it’s filling up quickly, and that makes me almost happy. A lot of people still cared about him. Mrs. Matthews goes passed, and I’m glad she’s with mom. My eyes find the coffin again, and I lean into Aiden without a thought. His hand settles on my hip and his grip tightens. It gives me the strength to say what has been on the tip of my tongue since we got here. “I forgave him.” David takes a step closer, and nods. “So did I.” “Me too,” Aiden adds. “Good,” I say as I step away from them and head for a pew. “That’s something.”
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