A Short Story : A Story?

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“If anyone can hear me...we”--cough, cough-- “ we... this much smoke in here, we gotta...we gotta get out,” the man screamed.
“I heard you..I’m”--cough, cough-- “I’m coming towards you!” a woman hollard.
“What’s your name?” the man asked.
“Jessica,” she answered.
“Alright, Jessica, hold onto me, okay,” he said.”We’re getting out.”
“Okay, but I’m scared,” said Jessica.
“It’s okay, we’re going to be fine, I just”--cough-- “We just need to open the exit door, can you do that?”
“Yeah”--cough-- “I can do that!,” she declared.
“We all felt the fire tearing away at the walls. Puffs of smoke continued to spew through the glass doors. My head spun and I fell onto the brittle floor. The man and woman limped towards the shattered doors together, lined in blood and charred with ash. The woman disappeared through the escaping smoke as the screeching door opened. But the man was still in my sight.”

“Please...” a stale whisper cried from the smoke intoxicating his shriveled lungs. There was a little boy stuck under a collapsed ceiling structure.The man turned around and trudged through the rubble and smoke. He managed to lift the surface just high enough and the boy pulled himself out. “I-cough-I can’t breathe...” the boy was crying through gulps of poisoned air clouding his lungs. The man took off his coat and wrapped it around the boy. “Breathe in your-cough, cough- shirt”, the man gripped his undershirt the with his lips and teeth, staggerly breathing through the damp cloth. He then
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