A Short Story : A Story?

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The city was ablaze with activity. People walked to and fro, too absorbed in their own lives to pay Blake any attention. He certainly did not mind. He strolled down the streets steadily. "Carter." Blake flinched as he caught sight of Charlotte's haunting smile. She stood a little ways ahead of him, her arms locked behind her back in an innocent manner. "Where are you going, Blake?" He said nothing in return, pausing before her. Charlotte stood near a street lamp, her monochromatic figure contrasting harshly against the warm, yellow glow of the light. Carter studied the ominous woman, a shiver traveling down his spine as her eerie smile broadened. He inhaled softly before marching forward, shivering yet again as the spirit dissipated around him. Blake hurried down the street, dodging pedestrians as he went. Within minutes, he arrived at a corner. Cars sped past him, leaving a trail of exhaust as they zoomed by. "Aw, Blake. Are you tired of me already?" "Charlotte." The ghost pouted, her chalky eyes shining with amusement as she came into the agent's view yet again. Carter inhaled sharply, hurrying past his eerie fan. "Alright, Carter. If it is a game you want, a game you shall get." Blake's walk gradually shifted into a run. He rushed through the crowded streets, bumping shoulders with strangers as he passed. Despite the distance he placed between himself and the white woman, assuming she was still there, he could still hear her eerie laugh. "Oh Blake," Charlotte sang,
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