A Short Story : A Story?

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Her lips were numb when she pulled away, but the ache in her chest remained. Her body shivered and for once it wasn’t from being close to Theo. The house had cooled several degrees and she felt the cold. The homage to Theo caught her eye again, sending her brain into overdrive. “It’s bloody cold in here.” She rubbed her arms. “I don’t know if I can do this,” she whispered as she bent down and picked up the clothes she’d dropped earlier. Putting on her panties and pants, Carly avoided eye contact. He didn’t say a thing and she wondered if he’d heard her or not. The playful game of chase wasn’t fun anymore. The collage of photos taunted her, making her second guess what she wanted. Theo was one of kind; almost too perfect. But being with him meant dating a famous athlete. An idol to millions. His time would be pulled in every direction but towards her. Why did he have to be famous? She stormed out of the room, desperate to get warm. Once in the living room she rummaged through the pile of discarded clothing until she found the rest of her outfit. “What exactly can’t you do?” Theo hovered over her. When she glanced up, his full lips were pressed into the thin line. Carly didn’t answer as she finished dressing. “All of it. Any of it. Shit, I don’t know.” She slumped onto the couch and stared at him as his blue eyes turned darker. He ran his hands threw his thick mess of hair. “I’m not some high school boy who treated you like shit. I can’t erase your past and take your pain
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