A Short Story : A Story?

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Leaves crunched lightly with every precise step June took. Clutching her bag even tighter, she continued down the dirt trail. Her hands were pressed snugly against her cream sweater, bringing additional warmth in the frigid morning air. A breeze blew her fiery orange hair into her eyes, and she brushed it away. Glancing around, she took in the warm colors of fall painted around her. Faintly, June sighed. Years ago she’d wished to live in a small secluded cabin, and now that her dream had become a reality she began to notice the little flaws in her plan. It wasn’t the isolation that bothered her or that there were insects, everywhere. Her issues lay with the leaking roof, the rusted, breaking door hinges, and many of the other structural issues the little cabin held. Then, there was the walk. June didn’t own a car. She couldn’t afford one, and the taxi service only worked so far into town. That meant a two-mile walk to the nearest town, then calling someone to drive her the rest of the way. Subconsciously, June kicked a pile of leaves that had blown against an old oak tree. If only she were still a child. Fall had been her favorite, the sound of the crisp leaves, the smell of spices, that had been autumn. Now, fall was a disaster, the bearer of stress and impending student debts. Maybe college wouldn’t be as bad, she thought. Perhaps it would be over before she knew it. However, June doubted that would come to be true. The birds’ melodic chirps became increasingly louder as
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