A Short Story : A Story?

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“You earned this,” dad says. “That test was really hard and you aced it.” Mom breaks her stare with the road ahead and glances back at me in the rearview mirror. Her dark eyes match the colour of her hair. The thin jawline and pointy nose give her a hawkish look. Dressed in a short-sleeved, green, silk blouse, and black peasant skirt, people can say many things about my mom, but unfashionable isn't one of them. We pull in the parking lot of the amusement park. Opening the car door, I step out just as a loudspeaker belts out: Come one, come all to the most terrifying freak show on the planet. Here you will meet societies castoffs, the unwanted and freakishly weird. 'Great, I should fit in just fine.' “Come on Heather, give it a chance, you earned this. Let's lighten up and have some fun, ok?” Dad says. The smell of cotton candy and funnel cakes mixes with the odor of generator exhausts, metal, and grease. 'I'm gonna puke.' Mom's looking at me. “Never can make you happy, can we Lady Jane?” she says. I feel myself wither under her angry condemnation. Dad holds out his hand, and I take it. “Come on, we’ll find something fun to do. Do you like kitties? Maybe we can win a nice kitty plushy? Your dad used to have a great throwing arm back in the day, you know.” Did you play baseball dad? How come I never knew that? she thinks. I won lots of prizes for mom, didn’t I dear?” he says, raising an arm and rotating his shoulder. Mother
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