A Short Story : A Story?

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A humming engine roars through the brisk morning air. Two men dressed in grey suits drive in a white car, their dress matching the dull sky. The driver has light brown hair, slicked straight back. His partner in the passenger seat sports dark hair and dark brown eyes, his short hair parted to one side. “Can you hand me that water in the back?” asks the driver, Ron. The passenger, Cander, reaches back and hands him the bottle. “Thank you,” Cander inattentively nods in response and continues looking forward. “Something wrong? You’ve been silent all day. Although, that’s not much unlike any other day.” Ron continues. “Just thinking about where we’re going today.” Cander responds. “Always with your mind on the task at hand huh? Here I am thinking you were just tired from a wild late night?” Ron says shaking his head and grinning. “You know I don’t go to any of those places.” Cander says irritably. “Actually, I don’t know much about you. Besides, I would be there if it wasn’t for this,” Ron lifts his hand off the wheel and flashes his wedding ring. “Over a year working at Ichor together and I’ve pretty much just got your name. Oh and age too, I think, what was that again?” Cander tilts his head back in a small laugh. “It seems that’s what everyone is doing these days, must be some appeal. Ever been? “Yes. A while ago.” Cander says back sternly. “And? What’s the problem?” Cander wipes the side of his brow. “Everyone at those places,” he says while exhaling deeply.
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