A Short Story : A Story?

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Oh God, what was that hideous noise? Katelynn pried her eyes open. Where was she? The room was almost pitch black. Slivers of moonlight peeked through the blinds and illuminated the floor, just enough for her to see clothes piled up. Clothes. Where were her clothes? How had she wound up on the floor? And why wouldn’t that awful noise shut up? Noise. That was her phone! She crawled across the floor, sliding her hand under the bed, under the shirts, the jeans. Jeans. Wait, were those her jeans? Yes! She pulled them closer and ran her hand through the pockets. No phone. She bit her lip and looked around, her eyes had adjusted a little. She made out the outline of a recliner and started towards it. She remembered now, sort of, hadn’t she been sitting on that recliner last night? A deep snore from the bed caused startled her. She soundleslly stood up and looked at the bed. She saw the silhouette of a man’s body under a sheet. She slid her jeans on quietly. The phone started ringing again. She spied the light of it shining from the corner of the recliner. Her memory hadn’t been wrong, she had been sitting there at some point last night. She dug between the smooth leather back and seat cushion. “Hello?” Katelynn whispered, while she scanned the floor for her missing shirt. “Hello, I’m looking for Katelynn Mackenna?” “Yes!” Katelynn squealed as she grabbed her shirt from the floor. The man in the bed stirred. Katelynn froze. She stood motionless, her breath held, hoping he
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