A Short Story : A Story?

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It was a cool and crisp spring afternoon. I was eleven and had just returned home from school, which I despised at the time. I was so excited to play outside with all of my neighborhood friends. So I bolted inside, threw my backpack down, and ran into the garage to put on my lovely pink and blue skates. I then skated down the street about nine or so houses to my best friend Brooke’s house. I rang the doorbell and her mom answer the door. I asked, “ Hey Mrs. Amy! Can Brooke and Madi come out to play?” She replied, “Oh sorry Honey, they are not home right now, they are at another friends house.” I said “Okay, thank-you,” and went on my way. I then proceeded on to my friends George and Elizabeth’s house. I rang the doorbell and their big, slobbery lab came barking at the door. Their dad answered and I asked if they could play. He told me that they were still at school and if I came down later, they could probably play. I said okay, and made my way back to my house. Then I stopped. I came to Aaron’s house and thought to myself, I guess I could ask him to come out and play. So I skated up to his red front door and waited for him to answer. I heard heavy footsteps making their way down a staircase and the door opened up, revealing Aaron. Aaron was kind of the odd one out in our neighborhood, so I thought it would be nice to include him. So I asked him what I had asked the last two people who had shut me down, and he said yes! I finally had someone to play with and I was thrilled.
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