A Short Story : A Story?

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It’s an average summer day, the wind is blowing, but it’s still humid. I am helping my dad get the dishes done so I can go outside and play on my swingset. As my dad opens the windows and turns off the air conditioner, the warm breeze fills the room and the smell is enticing. My mom’s flower garden is full of flowers, and I can smell them all throughout the house. Roses, daylilies, sunflowers, and peonies mix with the smell of baby powder and baby food. I was trying my hardest to ignore the smells that remind me that Paige is still just a baby. As a five year old child, a three year old sister is not exactly what I wanted. She began to scream and I want it to stop. “Charity bear, will you go grab all the sippy cups out of your room please and thank you?” my dad asks in his soothing, monotone voice. “Sure daddy. I think Paige threw a couple under the bed for some reason.” I say as I skip down the hallway to my bedroom. When I get there, Paige is ascending up the ladder of my bunkbed to reach for something on top of my bookshelf. As I ask her why she was climbing up there, I inch under my bed and grab her sippy cup like my dad asked. When I crawl out from under my bed, Paige had gotten to the top of the bookshelf. I observe that it starts to wobble back and forth on the wall. My dad had taken precautions beforehand and screwed it to the wall and heavy duty velcroed it as well. “Paige! The toy is up there for a reason. You need to get down from there.” I scream at her as
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