A Short Story : A Story?

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As I take a breath, the warm May air filled my lungs. The golden wheat fields surrounding my wooden farmhouse glistened as the Oklahoma sun hit it. I watch as Mama brings some bread to Papa, her own mother, and I. The umbrellas covering the four of our heads were doing all we could ever ask for, to keep us relaxed and from thinking about all of the drama and rumors that can quickly spread around our little town, because there has been a problem with that lately. We all sat outside quietly and just watched the sky for any birds. At only 9 a.m., it was a bit cloudy and the sky seemed a little darker than usual but it still felt almost the same but not quite. I decided to break the awkward silence by saying something. “You know Mama, my birthday is only a week away. I could use another doll, one with a bright blue skirt perhaps?” I suggested, “Purple would be nice also.” I later added. “Well actually,” She shifted her placement on her chair.”In town there is this one shop, a woman with green eyes runs it and makes everything she sells. I believe her name is Sally. There was a dress I thought would fit you just perfectly. Multiple, actually. I don’t know what color to get you however.” Mama blurted. I sat a bit taller straightening my back to show that I had some interest in what Mama had to say. To be honest, I was feeling surprised how she didn’t know what color I wanted. How could she not know well enough about me to not know what I dreaded and admired? “It’s not that hard
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