A Short Story : A Story?

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Jumping off Steve’s motorcycle, Curbie kisses her father’s cheek before running into the front door of school, literally. Groaning she picks herself up from the ground, and opens the glass door. Running in she quickly slides and gets past the incoming traffic of high school halls. Upon reaching her locker she sees the familiar brown hair head of her best friend. "Peter!" She yells reaching him and launching herself on his back. "Hello best friend." She gives him a cheeky smile while resting her chin on his shoulder.
Peter grunting from the sudden impact smiles warming at his hyperactive best friend, "Hey Curbie. How are you this morning?"
"I am awesome, well except for running into glass doors this morning. Again. And how are you Petey?!"
Peter sighs holding his bag in one hand and holding Curbie's leg with the other. "I am doing alright, are we still on for movie night?" Curbie nods her head laying it on his shoulder completely.
"Yes, we are and we can watch it at the tower because my parents and family are all out on a mission. Well actually not on a mission more like uncover Spider-Man's secret identity." Curbie laughs softly, “I doubt they ever will he is very good at keeping his real identity a secret.” Playing with Peter’s hair she grows confused on his sudden silence. “Peter?”
Snapping out of his inward panic he looks back at his best friend’s face, “Yeah, yeah tower wonderful idea.” Curbie smiles kissing his cheek.
“Wonderful, now we mustn’t be late to class,
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